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Meu lindo Agosto!

Lighted church © 2013 . All rights reserved.

“Meu lindo Agosto!”, a Portuguese expression that, in all its known variations, can be translated to “My lovely August!”. An expression that obviously relates to Summer holidays, but has a deeper meaning in Portuguese culture: it’s the month …

Photography links roundup | 18.05.2012

A few changes at my shared links posts: off goes the “Weekly roundup” title, in some weeks there was no post so I decided to drop the regular nature of this series, now I will post whenever there’s a interesting …

Weekly roundup | 15.04.2012

Due to family duties this week’s compiled photography links are only available today, think of it as a list of links for the upcoming of the workweek. This week the main subject has to be Facebook‘s acquisition of Instagram

Uma casa Portuguesa

CameraZOOM-20120324131508163.resized © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Uma casa Portuguesa / A Portuguese house.

Sometimes a photo series isn’t planned, thought, prepared. Sometimes it presents itself just before your eyes, even in places you’ve been countless times, even when you’re trying to stick a meal between a …

Project 366

wpid-picplz-2012-01-24-13.29.00.jpg © 2012 . All rights reserved.

2012 has started (almost a month ago, I know) and with a new year there’s new, interesting projects. Some are still incubating in my mind or are being planned as I a write this (more on this in the near …

Carrying only my eyes and a cameraphone

IMAG1025 © 2010 . All rights reserved.

After a long weekend of carrying several cameras, lenses and the backpack that kept them, shooting throughout the day while fighting against wind and rain (more of this to follow in the following days/weeks) it’s so nice go out to …