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Colorless Bagan

The plains around Bagan temples © 2014 . All rights reserved.

This post was originally published at Light Travelers, the site and blog of the photo collective I’m proudly a part of. 

Arrived at Bagan with my mind filled with cliches and pretty images, lovely colors of iconic sunsets and …

Photography links roundup | 18.05.2012

A few changes at my shared links posts: off goes the “Weekly roundup” title, in some weeks there was no post so I decided to drop the regular nature of this series, now I will post whenever there’s a interesting …

Weekly roundup | 15.04.2012

Due to family duties this week’s compiled photography links are only available today, think of it as a list of links for the upcoming of the workweek. This week the main subject has to be Facebook‘s acquisition of Instagram


_D305318.jpg © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Apparently it makes little sense to end my Myanmar posts with the Burmese word for hello, it makes more sense to close the series with the memories that will last longer. Not the temples or monasteries, not the rural …

Buddhism and pagodas

Shwedagon paya by dusk © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Although in Myanmar you can easily find Hindu temples or Muslim mosques the religion drives that part of Asia is Buddhism, being the chosen faith of nearly 90% of the Burmese people. And you can find it everywhere: from majestic …

Rural life

_D304421.jpg © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Despite having large cities like Yangon or Mandalay, Myanmar still is a very rural country where half of it’s population works on agriculture or fishing. So it’s no wonder that even in the most visited places people still managed to …


_DSC0019.jpg © 2011 . All rights reserved.

I love “scape photography”: landscape, cityscape or seascape photography! Some places absolutely overwhelm you just for being there, and you can stand and look for hours.

But the thing is Myanmar it’s all about people, capturing close portraits and subtle …


DSC0091 © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Back from Myanmar (or Burma, if you prefer) and back with lots of photos and lots memories! It’s was an overload to the five senses, fortunately only Vision can be reproduced in a photo but you’re still overwhelmed by everything …