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Photography links roundup | July

Here’s some of the interesting stuff I found for the last month (actually more, I haven’t published these posts for a while).

(Photo: Foreland Point Lighthouse, Exmoor, England)


Chicago Sun Times Helps To Spread The Myth That Anyone With A Camera Is A Professional Photographer – Photofocus

“When you see me take a stand against photographers who undermine the profession by working for slave wages, or when I call out a guy who thinks he’s a pro because he bought a Nikon D4, or when I tell the CEO of Yahoo she’s a butt-head for saying there are no more professional photographers, you now know why I am doing these things. It’s because if I don’t stand up for my profession I can’t expect anyone else to.”

“Um dia na história” são as cicatrizes de Utoya | P3 (no longer available)

10 Lessons Josef Koudelka Has Taught Me About Street Photography – Eric Kim

A must read, great writing and the images of a true master!