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Photography links roundup | 03.08.2012


Here’s some of the interesting links from the last weeks, with a big focus on my latest project Light Travelers:

Light Travelers

Light Travelers is the latest project where I became involved and something I’m really proud and eager to see where it goes. It’s a collaborative effort where I joined forces with other great friends and photographers: Ruben Vicente (my buddy of a few photo trips), João Maia, André Gonçalves and José Paulo Madeira; our goal is to write about and share travel photography, always having in mind that this broad subject: can cover either people or wildlife, nature or street photography.

Afghanistan, July 2012: Faces of Hope | In Focus

Lovely photo essay at The Atlantic featuring the life at Afghanistan.

In Silhouette | The Atlantic

Great use of silhouettes compiled in this excellent essay by In Focus.

Image Licensing: Time for a Change? | Alamy Blog

An interesting discussion started by Alamy. Is today’s licensing model becoming too confusing?.

Hong Kong Camera Hunter Pt.3 – The last day | Japan Camera Hunter

If you’re planning to go to Hong Kong you may want to read this.