Photography links roundup | 08.06.2012

Apparently everything’s quiet around here, you could blame the day job but I’ve also been spending lots of time in boring photography chores that I’ve been postponing for a long time, like preparing this site and my online presence for its next incarnation.

This means the only activity in this blog is this link digest, so to keep things running here’s some of the interesting photography links that caught my eye in the last couple of weeks:

An Open Letter To Young Photographers | Photofocus

A very short but concise text from Scott Bourne: to succeed in photography, and in anything else, you only need one thing.

Hyper Focus | Pixiq

A good of having some older Nikkor lenses is having these marks to help with hyperfocal distance.

A message from the Director of Photography of National Geographic | National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine clarified the digital manipulation permitted in the Your Shots. Is this very different from the restrictions applied to the “real photos” that go into the magazine’s issues?

The Future of Social Media & Your Photo Business | PhotoShelter Blog

Photoshelter has lots of good, and regularly updated, resources for photographers.

Too much photography | Martin Parr

I share this “photography fetish” with Martin Parr: taking photos of tourists taking “touristy” snapshots.

Magnum photographers on their craft: Part one | IdeasTap

Some of the more iconic Magnum photographers (Elliott Erwitt, Chris Steele-Perkins and Ian Berry) in first person.