Photography links roundup | 18.05.2012

A few changes at my shared links posts: off goes the “Weekly roundup” title, in some weeks there was no post so I decided to drop the regular nature of this series, now I will post whenever there’s a interesting batch of links to share. Enough of small talk, here’s some of the interesting photography links for the last couple weeks:

Fostering homegrown photography in northern Myanmar | Matador Network

Ryan Libre about the fruits of his NGO at Myanmar.

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet | Gizmodo

It’s the story of Flickr and Yahoo but it could also be the story of Delicious, Upcoming, Jaiku, Dodgeball or many other promising startups being swallowed by Yahoo, Google or Microsoft. Most of the times big companies don’t care about community and innovation, they only care about monetizing the startup contents and integrating them into their big mashup of apps. That’s why Flickr lost the train on almost everything since being bought by Yahoo, infected by the disease of its parent company.

“If you can’t beat laser cat, you probably deserve to die.”

Using Telephoto Lenses | Cambridge In Colour

A couple of years ago I used to say that I wasn’t a fan of telephoto lenses, that telephoto lenses were for people who wanted to shoot squirrels far away, that telephoto lenses don’t fit my style of photography. Until a realized by myself what’s explained so perfectly in this article, and now I used quite often both in street and landscape photography.

Project : Walking by Cova da Moura | Street Photographers

Rui Palha, one of my favorite street photographers, switched downtown Lisbon (scenery of most of his photos) for Cova da Moura (one of Lisbon’s suburban slums) for a very nice photo project.

Now you do high speed photography with your mobile phone, just as long as your device is an iPhone. An Android version would be sweet!