Weekly roundup | 21.04.2012

Here’s some of the interesting photography links to read in this weekned:

Portrait: Marsel van Oosten | 500px / Blog

One of my favorite outdoor photographers is featured on 500px.

What gear do adventure athletes and filmmakers carry? | Matador Network

Each photographer has its own style and obviously has its own strategy to carry the gear.

10 Things Martin Parr Can Teach You About Street Photography | Eric Kim Street Photography

Eric Kim gets compiled ten great ways in Martin Parr, one of my favorite street photographers, can inspire your work.

500px Android app is here! | 500px

500px just released their Android app and that’s great news!
Sure there were a few third party apps on Android Market (or Play Store, as now it’s called) but I feel an official mobile app should always be made in-house, to be related to the main application(even if it just means to share all the branding and logos).
I honestly believe that online services should always have a way for programmers to build stuff around it (a public API), but for me that has two main purposes: create clients for smaller platforms or, the most important, create mashups and alternative ways to browse and use the information of those services. A fine example of that is Flickr, with hundreds of original apps but when iOS and Android started to gain traction official apps were releases.

Mustang: Nepal’s former Kingdom of Lo | The Big Picture

Photo essay of one of Nepal’s most remote regions