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Weekly roundup 16.02.2012

Here’s some of the interesting stuff for this week:

The most photogenic festivals in the world | Pixiq (Pixiq is dead…)

Start to plan your trips!!

the end | Pedro Moura Pinheiro

I’ve given up on photography. I’m selling all my gear. I’ve removed all my photography accounts from the Internet.

I’m tired of how authors and entities in general are possessive of their work and properties to the point of stupidity. The great war of the 21st century will be over intellectual property, and I don’t have the mood or energy to face idiots and idiotic laws at this moment in life, of having to jump through flaming bureaucratic loops just to photograph a building from the street. I’m done for now.

Thank you all who supported me and who always had nice words and constructive criticism for me and my work. I learned a lot in the past few years, both technically and aesthetically, and I’ve met wonderful people and went to wonderful places because of photography. Thank you!

My friend Pedro Moura Pinheiro became tired of stupid people and is leaving photography, hopefully not for good. It’s sad to see one of us leaving the boat…

Where Children Sleep [James Mollison]

“Where Children Sleep- stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms.”

Amazing to see the huge differences!

Nikon production targets for the D800 and D4 [Pixiq] (Pixiq is dead…)

“I have heard from a couple of dealer sources that since the announcement of the D800, a number of their customers have cancelled pre-orders for the D4 and switched to ordering the D800 instead.”

Trey Ratcliff is Right About Pinterest [Thomas Hawk Digital Connection]

Why Pinterest is the next big thing for creative people, photographers or not, either to browse for inspiration or just gather the stuff that identifies you. And while you’re there check my pinboards.