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My Flickr FM2 Gallery picks

I often end up being involved in many things, sometimes I thing in way too many that I can handle, but I guess that’s just the way I am. One of those projects, and one of my favorites, has been following me since my first days at Flickr: a group dedicated to Nikon FM2, which I created still in my “film days” to gather photos and comments from other Nikon FM2 users like myself and now has nearly 3000 users and 50000 photos. Within that huge amount of photos you’d expect to find great stuff so I decided to take advantage of a Flickr feature I haven’t really used (Galleries) to feature some of my favorite picks from the group’s photo pool. The following photos are the first ones to be featured.

My FM2 Pool Picks


Grandma and grandson in a northern China villageI wonder if Santa ever gets bored of this view臨界點Green button on my heartEveryday I walked the streetscoma opportunitiesTina shoot...ZzZzzZzzzzzTe Quieroa short film about killing LuLu's Microcosm *3