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Workers of Père Lachaise

A school project, that’s what this is.

I spent most of last week at Paris with the company of nine inspiring photographers, attending a workshop about Visual Storytelling (following my growing interest for documentary and longer projects) lead by the …

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The blue comes from Jodhpur's blue walls, the orange from the yellower light of some street lamps. © 2014 . All rights reserved.

2013, my year in twenty pictures

Looking back to 2013 with my pictures, sadly a year where most of them are still waiting for me to work on them, another good reason for writing  this post: a review of my work of last year and a …

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Pixie at Akureyri, standing before the smallest Indian restaurant I've seen © 2013 . All rights reserved.

Travel guides and slices of cake

A good travel guide is an essential item inside a travelers backpack, specially in developing countries where information is often unreadable or missing. More than the sights and the monuments, it’s the small things that are the result of the …

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A common sight at São Miguel: cattle, green pastures, lush forests and blue ocean. The blue sky is a bonus, depends on it's very unstable weather. © 2013 . All rights reserved.

An overview of São Miguel

I’m back from Azores. For so long I’ve been postponing a visit to this hidden treasure, maybe because it’s easily accessible from my hometown, maybe because I got distracted with exotic locations far away from home. For reasons that …

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