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Mingalaba, my new ebook!

Those who follow me on my social networks probably have already noticed the release of my ebook, but only now I found the time to update my blog properly.

Creating a book of Myanmar was something that was on my mind, to share the best way I could what I felt while being at Myanmar. A small portrait of the country, seen through my eyes. I opted to focus on three aspects that followed my through the trip and that I followed recurrently while I was there, and on a fourth that’s focused on one location: the everyday routines and little habits, the many faces of Buddhism, my interpretation of Bagan and, finally, the smiles and sympathy of the Burmese people.

My goal while creating this ebook was simple but ambitious, transmit my experience of being at Myanmar: the warm welcome of its people, the mundane little things and some cliches found along the way but seen with my own eyes. Hopefully I was able to do that and create in you the same good feeling I had while being there. Please enjoy it!

Follow this link to take a look at the previews and get the ebook.


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