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Mercado da Ribeira

Ribeira Market (Mercado da Ribeira in Portuguese), used to be Lisbon’s main market in an old building that would fill from the early hours of the day with tasty goods, outspoken fishmongers and all the recurrent characters you can find at Lisbon’s old quarters.

20130112 DSC00525 533x800 Mercado da Ribeira

DSC-RX100 (22.489999771118mm, f/4.5, 1/80 sec, ISO640)

For a long time finding the best produce in town would mean coming here, but changes in the city through the years meant it lost its importance, to the point it is today: yet another neighborhood market in an old and less populated part of town. Even so its one of the most colorful places to photograph in town, but for some reason I never saved it with my camera, never it until now.

20130112 DSC00657 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira

DSC-RX100 (10.39999961853mm, f/1.8, 1/80 sec, ISO250)


20130112 DSC00649 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00647 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00623 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00636 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00615 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00518 533x800 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00502 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00488 540x362 Mercado da Ribeira20130112 DSC00604 540x360 Mercado da Ribeira

DSC-RX100 (10.39999961853mm, f/1.8, 1/80 sec, ISO250)

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