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Weekly roundup 31.03.2012

More photography related articles for your weekend, with a significant focus on the recent camera releases. I know I haven’t shared any Canon 5D Mark III link, I’m obviously biased towards Nikon, but easily admit the 5D3 is a helluva … Continue reading

Uma casa Portuguesa

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Uma casa Portuguesa / A Portuguese house. Sometimes a photo series isn’t planned, thought, prepared. Sometimes it presents itself just before your eyes, even in places you’ve been countless times, even when you’re trying to stick a meal between a trip and an … Continue reading

Weekly roundup 16.03.2012

More cool reading gathered throughout the week to read calmly this weekend: The artist with the bad camera | Phaidon It has to be the worst camera I’ve seen, even worse than shoe box pinholes. 6 Tips How to Master … Continue reading

Weekly roundup 10.03.2012

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Here’s some of the interesting stuff I found in the past week, this time posted a bit earlier for some cool weekend readings: Should Photo Contests Require Original Image Files? | PhotoShelter Blog A great discussion, specially in photojournalism or … Continue reading

Weekly roundup 4.03.2012

Here’s some of the interesting stuff for this week: The Lively Morgue I love the way NY Times uses Internet and a big example is the excellent Lens blog (probably my favorite photojournalism blog). Now they released a new blog … Continue reading